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March 23 at Carousel Lounge

LIVE EVENT - CAROUSEL LOUNGE MARSH 23, 2019 There will be some really great bands playing at Carousel Lounge in Austin, Tx. If your in town then you should stop in and give them a listen. Who knows, you may pick up some new music to add to your collection. With such an incredible setlist from some really talented artists, you're bound to have a great night. If it couldn't get any better. It is going to be BYOL/BOYB all night. (bring your own liquor, bring your own beer)   Lineup: Lindsey Kappa, Kamisado, Animals for Hands and Kids from Nowhere......

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Song Writing by Hunter Stephens

Hunter Stephens - Singer/Songwriter Here is what Hunter had to say: "I value honesty, in every stage of life. I take it seriously. To me, being honest is the purest way to really be yourself. You’re not misleading yourself or anyone else, you’re simply seeing things for what they are. I think this translates into songwriting well. Though the waters can get a bit murky when you combine strict rules with an exercise in creativity. It’s a common belief to think that this area of work should be free from any constraints, and some people are more comfortable operating that......

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