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February 2019

RAD Magazine | Issue. 1

RAD MAGAZINE - ISSUE. 1  Wolf in Sheeps Clothing FEBRUARY 16, 2019 RAD Magazines Issue.1 will be the start of a series of issues addressing the concerns facing society today. In this case, our 'Issues' address 'issues'. Look deep into each poster and you'll see more than just a play on words or symbols or metaphors. You'll see a seed of an idea that can grow in each one of us. Some may cut deeper than others. Some you may not agree with. But we cannot deny that these are all pressing issues.. and we cannot deny their connection. It all......

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Hitting Subset | Snowboard Kids – Anniversary

Anniversary for the hit Single, Snowboard Kids! Release 2019 We all thought it would be best to pay tribute to one of the hit Single songs, Snowboard Kids, by giving it a full on make-over. A song with such depth and intrigue deserves a Single cover that matched. With all the themes present in the song we wanted to make sure that we layered in the elements on the cover like they are layered in the song. What do you think of this song? What do you think of the art? Please feel free to answer these questions in the......

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