Music has always been there. Ever since I was a child. Taking long trips and listening to all 80’s everything with my dad. There was also a cozy place by the heater I often spent my mornings, listening to anything I could get my hands on.

Ive always been an artist. And sure enough music has always been there to help drive my creativity. Unfortunately I am not much of a musician myself, so I ended up going more towards Graphic Design after High school.

Now 5 years after school and doing exactly what I love to do… but im not as happy as I thought I would be. Something was missing. Like that chill you get when you hear a musician hit all the right cords. I wanted to be able to do that with design.

Konner Risha of Kamisado reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to help do his rebrand, sometime around the Winter of 2017. Since he was a good friend from school I really wanted to help him get the recognition he deserved for the amazing quality of music him and his band were producing.

We spend weeks delving into his Brand and really trying to capture the essence of who they were and the music they were putting out.


There is an element to everyones music that reaches a certain depth that is really hard to describe. It’s such a beautiful thing to help bring out that feeling in a design. And when you listen to the music and look at the design, you get so much story and history and feelings as if they were always meant for each other.

This is why I created Marsh Bands. Because music deserves the right design. And bands deserve the right representation.

I am really excited about what I have planned for everyone, coming up here in January and February of the New Year!! I have a few Bands and also a few Studios/Productions joining Marsh Bands, and will be announcing each one as we get their Branding finalized:)

Thank you everyone for your continued support and as always, Rock On!! 🤘🤘”

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